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Teach Multimedia Edu offers over 19 online training subjects for multimedia teachers. You can help us select the training you most need and a time that works for you.

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Self-Paced Online Training for Teachers​
Coming Soon!

“8 Simple Steps To Building A School Video /Broadcast Program Online Without Having A Dumb Attack”

Teachers, increase your preparedness for the classroom at your own pace without leaving home! Video Chuck takes his years of professional TV production experience to the online classroom. You will benefit from his unique approach to teaching multimedia. This course will teach you:

  • Classroom Setup
  • Equipment Selection
  • Software Selection
  • Lesson Plans
  • Testing,
  • Grading
  • Securing inventory
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • Installing a TV Studio in your school
  • Developing digital Skills
  • Teaching for student outcomes
  • Student projects producing classroom, School, Community, and Corporate sales & training videos
  • The big LIST-A-PALOOZA of student projects for classroom, school, and community!
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Online Webinars

Interact with a live instructor in a 1-hour online Zoom webinar. Scroll down to fill out the form and attend!

STEP 1:  Select one or more topics of interest:

  • Sample student curriculum step-by-step, testing, outcomes and objectives.
  • Implementing a video/career multimedia program to prepare students for real world jobs.
  • Student Projects for classroom, school and community.
  • Production continuity for quality student projects.
  • Producing a school orientation for new students.
  • Using time code
    Setting up a TV studio and career center for different budgets (size, room, equipment & software).
  • Keeping students on task.
  • Developing digital skills
  •  Teaching for student outcomes 
  • Student projects producing classroom, School, Community, and Corporate sales & training videos
  • Editing and production software selection.
  • Teacher’s notebook
    Classroom forms
    Questions and Answers
  • Budgeting, Planning, Management, Equipment/Software Operation, Curriculum, Grading & Student Projects.
  • How to Teach & Implement Video/Multimedia in Classroom, School, and Community.
  • Multimedia teaching techniques.
  • Assessing current space and equipment.
  • How to teach using the TM system, including Classroom Management System (CMS), Curriculum delivery, Assignments, Quizzes, Grading and other items.
  • Elements of production: Lighting, Audio, Camera operation, Time Code, the Interview and News Story Breakdown.
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On-site In-service Training

You can bring training to your school or a school near you for teacher in-service training.

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Teach Multimedia has provided in-service training to over 5,000 teachers to school districts in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Ohio, and many other schools across the US. Teachers go away from this training with new skills enabling them to have innovative classroom that keep all students on task.

Before spending money on video equipment, software, and furniture, teachers need a road map to implement multimedia/video education in their classrooms, schools and communities.

Cost for on-location training at your school:

  • 10 teachers or fewer – $395.00 per teacher for three-day training event
  • 11-15 teachers – $349.00 per teacher for three-day training event
  • 16 or more teachers – $295.00 per teacher for three-day training event

Request an On-site In-service training event in your area, or learn more by sending the form below or calling –  877-299-6268 ext. 100.

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