Teacher Multimedia Technology Network

What is Teacher Multimedia Technology Network?

It is a monthly podcast sharing what teachers are doing in their classes.  Through these podcasts we will:

  • Promote classroom innovations working with local, state, national, and international audiences.
  • Showcase school, district, and community projects students are producing.
  • Share tools, strategies, and techniques for what’s working in various classrooms.
  • Share the solutions different teachers have found for the things that aren’t working.
  • Showcase student successes.
The TMTN is a wide coalition . . .

. . . of vendors, dealers, educational service centers, schools, and educators just like you. Every month our video podcast includes

  • The Latest Multimedia Equipment and Software
  • Different multimedia techniques
  • Interviews with multimedia educators worldwide
  • Classroom, School, Community video projects
  • Training tools for teachers
  • Demonstration Videos for classroom use
  • Variety of Curricula and activities
  • Digital Network Community
  • Featured Teacher/Student Monthly highlight
  • Classified Ads for reusable equipment
  • Types of jobs available for students
  • How to get articles and news stories to your local media about your school

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