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Digital Skills Projects

  • Enhance students’ basic skills and take them to the next level.
  • Promote the school and district
  • Engage the community locally, nationally, world-wide
  • Provide operating income for a Digital Skills Program!
  • $49.00/project

Introduction to TV Studio Positions Curriculum

Your complete online course curriculum for TV Studio Production

  • 9Learn all studio positions—each with its own curriculum module
  • Two lesson plans for each position
  • All necessary software templates
  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide
  • Pre- and Post-Test for the course with answer key
  • Post-Tests for each curriculum module with answer keys
  • Copy Masters for all pre- and post-tests
  • $49.00/teacher
  • $49.00/student

Stop-Motion Animation Curriculum

Your students’ complete online course in Digital Production

  • Learn storytelling, stop-motion production, and post-production
  • Story teams of 2 to 3 students
  • All equipment, supplies, and materials purchased separately
  • $195.00/story team

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