Student Video Projects

Student Video Projects extend student multimedia learning beyond the fundamentals of the regular Multimedia Curriculum to apply what has been learned with hands-on production of multimedia projects. With these projects they learn advanced skills such as how to speak on-camera, how to load text onto a VideoPrompter, what the technique is for controlling speed of text as news is read, and the technique for speaking and reading text from a VideoPrompter. 

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Introduction to TV Studio Positions Curriculum

Students learn how to create and broadcast a digital newscast or other show by rotating through these 12 TV Studio positions:

  • Title/CG Operator – Learn to create titles for a broadcast under production.
  • Teleprompter Operator – Learn to prepare the teleprompter script Anchors will use. Also learn to load the script into the teleprompter software.
  • Tech Director – Learn to use an electronic video mixer to control what the viewing audience sees during a broadcast.
  • Script Supervisor – Learn to create a storyboard for each broadcast.
  • Producer – Learn the jobs performed by a Producer before, during, and after a broadcast.
  • Director – Learn a director’s role—it’s like conducting an orchestra. This includes cueing the broadcast team when to do their parts and when the broadcast concludes.
  • Camera Operator – Learn the Camera Operator’s responsibilities. This involves setting up the shots and operating a video camera.
  • Audio Technician – Learn the Audio Technician’s job to control the audio for a broadcast. This will involve mixing multiple audio sources used in the studio.
  • Assistant Audio Technician – Learn the job of the Assistant Audio Technician. This includes setting up the wireless microphone and intercom systems. It further includes assisting the Audio Technician before and during the broadcast.
  • Anchor – Learn the responsibility of the anchor to make sure that all of the behind the scenes efforts of the studio team work shows.
  • Stage Manager — Learn to manage the team members on the studio floor during the broadcast, and tell the director when the studio is ready to go.
  • Master Playback and Record Operator — Learn to play back pre-recorded story segments during the broadcast and to record the entire show.

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Item #studiocurr01s      Price:  $2,995    (for each student in the program)

Download Introduction to TV Studio Skills Curriculum sheet

View Lab Packages which equip these studio positions, as seen in Phase 2: School Broadcast Multimedia Lab in the studio layout below.

Stop-Motion Animation Curriculum

Complete with Outcomes, Objectives, Student Handouts, Quizzes, and Teacher Materials: Teacher Handbook, Lesson Plans, Copy Masters, and Quiz Answer Keys.

Students love Teach Multimedia’s Stop-Motion Animation Curriculum—it’s fun, engaging, and teaches valuable multimedia and story development skills for success in today’s Internet-connected society. Stop-Motion Animation is a turnkey, 20-lesson curriculum that teaches the basics of storytelling, character creation, video capture, editing, and so much more. Includes all teacher materials, interactive student lessons, and interactive tests for each module. Equipment and materials kits are included, with software, cameras, lights, and clay—everything a group of 2 to 3 students needs!

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