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TV/Multimedia Studio Modules

Each Plug & Play Module has Three Different Price Ranges and is Based on Learning Curve or Grade level:

Our labs for Middle Schools, High Schools and Community Colleges are turnkey packages. All have curriculum, software, equipment, furniture, and teacher training/In-services

TV Studio jobs - or positions - to be experienced by all students on a rotation basis are listed here:

Camera Module

Student Positions 1,2,3

Operate cameras during live or taped broadcast

  • Intercom system for all needed positions
  • Curriculum - TV Studio Package
  • Morning Announcements Curriculum
  • See details Morning Announcements
  • HVR/DV Camcorder Studio cameras
  • Studio soft lights
  • Studio lighting dimmer
  • Student news desk with TV monitors
  • Large color monitors for TV studio crew
  • Tripods with heads
  • Tripod dollies
  • Professional hanging green screen - two areas of studio
  • TV Studio shotgun microphones
  • Video amp system to control room


Producer Module

Student Position 4

The leader of the studio team. Produces broadcast scripts and oversees each step in the production of the broadcast.

  • Chair
  • Desk/Video console
  • Producer curriculum
  • TV Monitor - view positions


Director Module

Student Position 5

Directs each broadcast over an intercom system linked to each position. Develops a computerized slideshow detailing each cue change in a broadcast. Uses the slideshow while directing

  • Chair
  • Far more practical than expensive sophisticated cameras, a TV Studio Lab resembles an actual TV studio but has student-friendly equipment to learn how to put a TV program together. The lab is flexible and can be operated with 17 to 30 students.
    Desk/video console
  • Director curriculum
  • Director software
  • Intercom


Tech Director Module

Student Position 6

Operates the video mixer system to control which video sources are active at any one time in a broadcast.

  • Chair
  • Desk/Video console
  • Director curriculum
  • Monitors screens for digital mixer for control room
  • Digital video mixer/switcher effects & Chroma Key
  • TV Monitor - view positions
  • Intercom


Teleprompter Module

Student Position 7

see details Teleprompter

Teleprompter Operator creates special teleprompter scripts and operates the teleprompter system to display the scripts for each broadcast.

  • Video teleprompter system
  • Video teleprompter curriculum
  • Video teleprompter software 1 for studio & field
  • Video & sound cabling
  • Intercom
  • TV monitor


The Next 3 Modules Operate in the Control Room

Audio / Music Tech Module

Student Position 8 (Audio Technician)

Operates the audio mixer system to control which audio sources are active and make sure quality sound is broadcast from microphones & audio sources.

  • Chair
  • Desk/Video console
  • Audio mixer, sound mixer, cabling and microphones
  • Audio mixer curriculum
  • TV monitor - view positions
  • Playback/Recorder - Operator Position curriculum
  • Desk/Video console
  • Intercom
  • Script, Shoot sheet
  • TV Monitor


Assistant Audio / Tech Module

Student Position 9

Responsible for setting up and testing microphone and intercom systems within the studio. Assists Audio Technician as needed.

  • Scrip
  • Shoot sheet
  • Process worksheet


Video Titler / CG Module

Student Position 10

Prepares titles and graphic effects for each broadcast. Selects and displays titles and graphic effects as needed during a broadcast.

  • Chair
  • Desk/Video console
  • Titler software/board
  • Video Titler curriculum
  • TV Monitor - view positions
  • Intercom


Master Tape Operator Module

Student Position 11

Responsible for playing pre-produced master video segments during a broadcast. Records each broadcast.

  • Chair
  • Digital Tape/DVD recorder playback inputs & outputs deck
  • Tape OPT curriculum
  • Desk/Video console
  • TV monitor
  • Intercom


Script / Storyboard Module

Student Position 12

see details Storyboard

Heavily involved in the planning stages of a broadcast. Develops storyboards to provide a visual reference of each cue in a broadcast.

  • Script Courseware


News Anchor Module

Student Positions 13 and 14

Delivers stories on-air during the broadcast. Reads the broadcast script from the teleprompter system.

  • On-camera news desk
  • Talent microphone
  • News anchor curriculum
  • Talent ear piece sound system


Sports Broadcaster Module

Student Position 15

Delivers sports stories on-air during the broadcast. Reads the broadcast script from the teleprompter system.

  • Talent microphone
  • Curriculum
  • Green screen


Weather Broadcaster Module

Position 16

Delivers weather on-air during the broadcast. Reads the broadcast script from the teleprompter system.

  • Talent microphone
  • Curriculum
  • Green screen


Stage Manager/Clap Board Marker Module

Position 17

Keeps track of raw tape time code & scenes.

  • Clap board
  • Outline script
  • Curriculum


Digital Cable Broadcast Module

Positions 18

School would broadcast superior weather from the station to provide accurate up-to-the-second local weather data for your area. Students can broadcast their finished projects to the cable community, classrooms and streaming video with Turnkey School Broadcast Station (SBS). Weather instruments placed on top of school building.

  • Chairs
  • Desk/Video console
  • SBS digital broadcast software weather/graphics 24-hour systems, cable connect access
  • SBS session curriculum
  • Video/Audio adapter cable kits
  • Broadcast royalty-free 5 disc CD library
  • 5-disc random play CD player


Video Production Room/Editing/News Module

Student Positions 19 - 34

The Digital Editing Production curriculum has been developed to introduce students to digital video production concepts and techniques using various digital video editing systems. Through hands-on sessions, students learn about the non-linear editing process from digitizing raw video to producing finished segments. Special template videos are utilized to enhance the sessions and teach students the important elements of operation, video production and creating their own news story.

  • Chairs
  • Editing work desk (two students) video consoles
  • Digital Editing Quick Start curriculum
  • Digital Editing curriculum: Plan, Tape & Edit Package
  • Digital Editing QuickStart curriculum
  • Digital Editing storyboard notebook
  • Digital Editing Teacher / Training notebook
  • Digital Editing Template DVD library
  • Script / Storyboard software curriculum
  • HVR/DV camcorder with chargers
  • Production Broadcast Royalty-free 5 disc CD library
  • Tripod w/ head
  • Speakers for digital editing system
  • Headsets for cameras and editing stations
  • Wireless lapel microphone transmit
  • Wireless microphone receiver (2-channel)
  • Blank HVR/DV Camcorder DV Tapes (1 pack of 5)
  • Light portable kits for ENG
  • Surge protector for editing stations and control room
  • Video and sound cabling
  • Video production green screen
  • Camera carry case
  • DVD duplicator
  • Duct tape