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Teacher Online Training

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Online Training for Video/Multimedia Instructors

SPECIAL! 1 Hour Training for $29.00


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"How to Teach Multimedia Without Having A Dumb Attack"

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Would you like to know how to . . .
  • Teach a video class day by day with materials?
  • Teach students to produce school, classroom and community projects?
  • Teach students to produce corporate videos to create income for your class?
Teach Multimedia training can Provide these benefits and more!



Material Covered in Online Training --

  • Budgeting, Planning, Management, Equipment/Software Operation, Curriculum, Grading & Student Projects
  • "How to Teach & Implement Video/Multimedia in Classroom, School, and Community"
  • Teaching Basics
  • Multimedia teaching techniques
  • Assessing current space and equipment
  • How to Use the Teacher’s Guide
  • How to teach using the TM system, including Classroom Management System (CMS), Curriculum delivery, Assignments, Quizzes, Grading and other items.
  • Elements of production: Lighting, Audio, Camera operation, Time Code, the Interview and News Story Breakdown.
  • Producing Student Project, including a classroom and school orientation video

Additional Topics Covered:

  • Sample student curriculum step-by-step, testing, outcomes and objectives will be shown
  • Implementing a video/career multimedia program to prepare students for real world jobs
  • Student Projects for classroom, school and community
  • Production continuity for quality student projects
  • Producing a school orientation for new students.
  • Using time code
  • Setting up a TV studio and career center for different budgets (size, room, equipment & software)
  • Keeping students on task
  • Editing and production software selection
  • Teacher's notebook
  • Classroom forms
  • Questions and Answers