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Common Core Standards



Relationship of Teach Multimedia Curriculum and School TV Studio to Common Core Goals:

Common Core

Teach Multimedia Product
Alignment with Common Core


Acquire the knowledge and skills to gather, analyze and apply information and ideas.

• Selects relevant, goal-related activities, ranks them in order of importance, allocates time to activities, and understands, prepares, and follows schedules

• Allocates material and facility resources

• Assesses knowledge and skills and distributes work accordingly, evaluates performance, and provides feedback.


Acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom.


• Negotiates to arrive at decisions

• Communicates thoughts, feelings, and ideas with classmates to justify a position

• Works toward an agreement that may involve exchanging specific resources or resolving divergent interests


Acquire the knowledge and skills to recognize and solve problems.


• Applies technology to task

• Understands the overall intent and the proper procedures for setting up and operating machines, including computers and their programming systems

• Maintains and troubleshoots technology

• Prevents, identifies, or solves problems in machines, computers, and other technologies


Acquire the knowledge and skills to make decisions and act as responsible members of society.


• Acquires and evaluates information

• Identifies need for data, obtains it from existing sources or creates it, and evaluates its relevance and accuracy

• Organizes and maintains information

• Organizes, processes, and maintains written or computerized records and other forms of information in a systematic fashion

• Interprets and communicates information

• Selects and analyzes information and communicates the results to others using oral, written, graphic, pictorial, or multimedia methods

• Uses computers to process information

• Employs computers to acquire, organize, analyze, and communicate information


Fine Arts


Common Core

Teach Multimedia Product Alignment

with Common Core


Process and techniques for the production, exhibition or performance of one or more of the visual or performed arts

• Learn elements of video production from each position of production

• Learn to use equipment used in video production


The principles and elements of different art forms

• Learn principles of good video production from each position of production including:

• staging the scene

• proper camera shots

• proper editing principles of video footage

• best communication of the subject

• Proper communication of the video script


The vocabulary to explain perceptions about and evaluations of works in dance, music, theater and visual arts

• Learn vocabulary for each element of video production

• Learn to properly evaluate quality video production

• Learn how to express good and bad production quality


Interrelationships of visual and performing arts and the relationships of the arts to other disciplines

• Visual and performing arts are Integrated within a video production

• Projects are emphasized using video production for community and business as well as for school


Visual and performing arts in historical and cultural contexts

• Learn historical background and development of video production