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Send Us Your Ideas

Got some great ideas for teaching Video/Multimedia classes? Share them with other teachers nationwide!

We would like to serve as a platform for swapping teaching methods between Video/Multimedia teachers across the country, and for sharing your ideas, we want to reward you:

  • Receive nationwide exposure for your ideas
  • Receive $50 gift card
  • Receive free Teach Multimedia curriculum
  • Receive free one-hour online Video/Multimedia training

How do you share your ideas with us and other teachers?

  • Use the form below to upload a video demonstrating your teaching ideas
  • Also upload, using the form, a copy of the materials used in class
  • Using the permission box in the form, give your permission to share these with other teachers
  • We will post them on this website

Note about attachments:   File size is limited to 200MB. Up to 5 file attachments are allowed. If you have the capability, you may compress multiple files in a zip file. File types that are allowed include:

-- mp4
-- mov
-- wmv
-- avi
-- jpg/jpeg
-- png
-- doc/docx
-- odt
-- txt
-- pdf
-- zip    
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