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Video Contest


Coming This Fall!

Multimedia Teachers: Your students will have the opportunity to enter their 2-minute videos in a Video Contest where all of our TM Teachers Network (9,000) and multimedia manufactures can view their presentations! The teachers, manufacturers and TM will judge the videos.

Evaluations and judging will be conducted by TM staff, teachers network (9,000) and the multimedia manufactures. Video equipment manufacturers and software providers will offer prizes that every classroom would love to have in their video/multimedia lab.

student video contestVideo Chuck with Teach Multimedia was the national TV Production Chair of Skills USA VICA for 7 years. He helped set the standards and testing for the competition. Eighty percent of high schools and colleges participated in state contests with the winners going to the national video production contest. Rules for the TM contest will be similar, with dates and details to be posted online, coming soon. Here are the main points:
    There will be three student levels of the contest:
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
Contest Prizes will be:
  • 1st prize - $1,000 worth of equipment
  • 2nd prize - $500 worth of equipment
  • 3rd prize - $250 worth of equipment
Video Requirements:
  • Subject Matter - A classroom orientation video of a class in which the student is a member.
  • Interviews to be included in the video -
    • Interview of the instructor
    • Interviews with a minimum of 2 students
  • Video content should include -
    • Goals for the class
    • Teacher's outcomes for the class
  • Maximum length of video is 2 minutes
  • Video requirements -
    • Show wide, close up, and medium shots
    • No panning or zooming. On finished frames only
    • Good audio levels
    • No ceiling lights in frames except in wide shots
Video Contest Process
  • Finished student video
  • Download Storyboard & Time Code Sheet forms from this page (Downloads at bottom of page)
  • Fill out Storyboard & Time code Sheet forms
  • Upload your video on YouTube
  • Go to to submit registration & upload Storyboard & Time Code sheets


Contest Time Frame & Evaluation: The contest will be open from now until Thanksgiving, 2017. Entries should be postmarked by Wednesday, November 22, 2017. Winners will be posted on the site before school begins in January, 2018. Prizes and student award certificates will be awarded at that time. Here's a preview of how your students' video presentations will be evaluated:

  • Total points: 100
  • Video Continuity: 10
  • Video Composition: 10
  • Audio Quality: 10
  • Story Content: 10
  • Lighting Structure: 10
  • Three main framing shots: close up, wide, medium 10
  • Overall impression: 10
  • Teachers grade: 30 points
    (based on student and teacher cooperation - 15)
    (based on participation and remaining "on task" – 15)

Suggestions: This is our first year to sponsor a contest with prizes and we welcome suggestions to improve the contest for the future. Please, if you know of video manufacturers, share the contest with them and encourage their participation.

Contest Form Downloads: