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Plan, Record, & Edit Beginner's Package

Plan, Record, & Edit Beginner's Package

Beginners Package: Plan, Record, & Edit Beginner's Package (Grades 4 thru 12)

(Two students at one site) Item #pre12021560a

 The following projects are outcomes of this package --
  • Students learn all about productions
  • Apply to discover editing techniques
  • May projects for the classroom, school, and community are finished

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The Digital Editing Production curriculum has been developed to introduce students to digital video production concepts and techniques using various digital video editing systems. Through hands-on sessions, students learn about the non-linear editing process from digitizing raw video to producing finished segments. Special template videos are utilized to enhance the sessions through problem-solving and teach students the important elements of operation, video production and creating their own projects.

Order one set for every two students. For example, if your largest class has 30 students, you need 15 edit stations packages.