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Teach Multimedia makes it easy for you to give your students interesting, challenging, and fun ways for them to sharpen their multimedia skills, become talented digital communicators, and finish high school with in-demand, marketable skills enabling them to get well-paying jobs right out of high school, make income during their college years, or become multimedia entrepreneurs. With over twenty years of bringing turn-key labs; engaging curriculum; versatile teacher training; the Online Academy; and the resource network to students, teachers, and schools across America, you can trust Teach Multimedia to provide everything you need to be successful in your multimedia classroom!

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Introduction to TV Studio Skills Curriculum—our premiere curriculum covers all studio positions giving students experience producing a local newscast.

Stop-Motion Animation Curriculum—your students develop valuable storytelling and multimedia skills for our connected world.

Simple School Fundraising—make money for your school with brand-new, patented products with our outsourced fundraising program.

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Teacher Training—train the way that works best for your teachers: live online, live on-site, and on-demand online.

TeachMultimedia Curriculum—programs that give your students real-world, marketable skills for well-paying jobs right out of high school.

Multimedia Lab Packages—custom turn-key labs that provide students with the equipment, training, and skills they need to be successful.

Teach Multimedia Online Academy—our curriculum: online, interactive, and available to any browser with an internet connection.

Teacher Multimedia Technology Network—our resource network for teachers fronted by a monthly podcast sharing teacher stories; student successes; what works and what doesn’t in the multimedia classroom; and tools, strategies, and techniques to enhance your teaching and student success.

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Three New Products for Marketable, Real-World Student Skills!

Introduction to TV Studio Skills Curriculum

Complete with Outcomes, Objectives, Student Handouts, Quizzes, and Teacher Materials: Teacher Handbook, Lesson Plans, Copy Masters, and Quiz Answer Keys. Covers ALL TV Studio Positions!

Across the country, schools rely on our complete Introduction to TV Studio Skills Curriculum to teach the process of planning, producing, and broadcasting news programs. Students report stories from their schools, districts, and communities, airing them alongside news, sports, and weather anchors for a complete, local newscast. Bring the excitement, glamour, and prestige of digital production to your school. If you have a media lab or are planning one, you need our complete Introduction to TV Studio Skills Curriculum!

Stop-Motion Animation Curriculum

Complete with Outcomes, Objectives, Student Handouts, Quizzes, and Teacher Materials: Teacher Handbook, Lesson Plans, Copy Masters, and Quiz Answer Keys.

Students love Teach Multimedia’s Stop-Motion Animation Curriculum—it’s fun, engaging, and teaches valuable multimedia and story development skills for success in today’s Internet-connected society. Stop-Motion Animation is a turnkey, 20-lesson curriculum that teaches the basics of storytelling, character creation, video capture, editing, and so much more. Includes all teacher materials, interactive student lessons, and interactive tests for each module. Equipment and materials kits are included, with software, cameras, lights, clay—everything a group of 2 to 3 students needs!

As Seen in Schools is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Teach Multimedia Edu, Inc.

Simple School Fundraising

Fundraising for the 21st Century!

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No More Picky Picky—our patented dryer lint eliminator!

Online Teacher Training

Teach Multimedia has three great options for teacher training:

  • Live, online webinars
  • LIve, on-site, in-service training
  • Self-paced online training (coming soon!)

New multimedia teachers can learn everything they need to know to be effective in the classroom, and experienced multimedia teachers can burst up on their skills and learn the latest technology.

Multimedia/ Video Curriculum

Teach Multimedia/Video curriculum is designed around a unique multimedia teaching approach. Our goal is to keep every student on task. (TV Studio Diagram)  With this approach each student has an assignment in the production of a video project. Our curriculum reflects this on-task approach.

Custom, Turnkey Lab Packages

Our special TV Studio design  seeks to keep every student on task. This approach drives the creation of our curriculum and studio layout. It also drives our recommended selection of studio equipment.

We offer 4 Studio Lab Packages designed for our recommended studio layout. You may choose the package that best suits the size of your studio.

All Our Products are ESSER I, II, and III Eligible!

All of our teacher training; curriculum; multimedia hardware/software lab modules; and our complete, custom, turnkey, multimedia labs facilitate “regular and substantive educational interaction between students and their classroom instructors[.]” And by facilitating this interaction, you’re giving your students valuable life and career skills with which they can find good paying jobs right out of high school.


Purchasing educational technology (including hardware, software, and connectivity) for students … that aids in regular and substantive educational interaction between students and their classroom instructors…

ESSER I, II, and III Guidelines

Teach Multimedia Studio Diagram

Online Training For Multimedia Teachers

Teachers, increase your preparedness for the classroom at your own pace without leaving home! Video Chuck takes his years of professional TV production experience to the online classroom. You will benefit from his unique approach to teaching multimedia. Coming soon: “8 Simple Steps To Building A School Multimedia/Broadcast Program Online Without Having A Dumb Attack.” This course will teach you:

  • Classroom Setup
  • Equipment Selection
  • Software Selection
  • Lesson Plans
  • Testing,
  • Grading
  • Securing inventory
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • Installing a TV Studio in your school
  • The big LIST-A-PALOOZA of student projects for classroom, school and community!

Teach Multimedia Edu offers FREE 60-minute, online training webinars for multimedia teachers. So we can best serve you, we need to know which topics are of most interest to you. Please take just a minute (really) to fill in our survey and we will reward your time with a free gift: our On Location Recording Checklist! Plus, all of our training webinars will also be available to you.

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