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We Offer 3 Turnkey Products and Services That Help You Teach Video/Multimedia

We provide everything that a school, teacher, or student needs to learn and apply Multimedia.

What We Do

Teach Multimedia, a multimedia company at the forefront of the technical educational market, provides classroom solutions for grades 5 - 12 instructors. These turnkey packages include step by step student Curriculum, a Multimedia Lab with student-friendly equipment and Teacher Training in equipment operation and all aspects of video production. Completed student projects, delivered via Internet or cable to classroom, school and community, provide experience with an eye toward future employment in corporate or entrepreneurial environments where most multimedia jobs are found.

This is a gold mine for instructors who have been assigned a multimedia class but have little or no experience. Teachers who have taught video for several years will also find techniques and resources to increase classroom skills and prevent the “dumb attack,” not remembering material or not having a lesson prepared. Based on years of experience in both broadcasting and education, the staff at Teach Multimedia customizes packages specifically for the needs and budget of the school districts they serve. Three schools currently benefiting from Teach Multimedia educational solutions are Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, CA, Windham High School, Portland ME, and Nixon Academy (grade 5), Cerritos, CA.

The driving force of these packages is the step by step student Curriculum for each piece of equipment and software. Accompanying the curriculum is a Teacher’s Guide and many templates for classroom multimedia instruction in broadcasting. Since the curriculum is designed for four learning levels, students from grade 5 through 12 can learn broadcasting at the appropriate speed. Curriculum also includes templates and classroom materials for journals, time codes, evaluations, objectives and outcomes.

The Multimedia Lab replicates a broadcast studio with appropriate hardware and software for student learning. All students rotate through each job required to produce a broadcasted program in an actual studio or TV station. Kids love putting together a show using the storyboard, camera, teleprompter, and all the behind-the-scenes stuff they’ve seen on TV. Small labs with basic production and editing equipment up to labs with all the bells and whistles are available.

Teacher Training, on site or online, prepares multimedia instructors to teach not only how to operate equipment, but how to produce a video project that will impact an audience. Perfecting editing techniques, appropriate camera angles, interview methods, scene-to-scene continuity – all of these are involved in implementing a multimedia program and introducing students to the creative possibilities.

For schools that want to enter the world of multimedia technology but think they can’t afford it – think again. Teach Multimedia has a cost-effective plan that will allow nearly all schools to participate in an ever-changing technology that isn’t going away. Schools across the United States and over 5,000 teachers have benefited from the Teach Multimedia learning system. Interested parties can contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information on how their schools can implement a multimedia program.

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Teach Multimedia periodically offers products to schools for purposes of fund raising to help with the school Multimedia Program. Get more information to see what product(s) are currently available and sign up for a fund raising campaign.


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