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Student Positions

If You Are Setting Up a Multimedia/Video TV Studio Lab for Students

They Should All be On Task During the Entire Class


  • The leader of the studio team. Produces broadcast scripts and oversees each step in the production of a broadcast or project


  • Directs broadcast over an intercom system linked to each position. Develops a computerized slideshow detailing each cue change in a broadcast. Directs every position.

Storyboard/Script Supervisor

  • Heavily involved in the planning stages of a broadcast. Develops storyboards to provide a visual reference of each cue in a broadcast

Tech Director

  • Operates the video mixer system to control which video sources are active at any one time during a broadcast

Audio Technician

  • Operates the audio mixer system to control which audio sources are active and makes sure that quality sound is broadcast

Assistant Audio Technician

  • Responsible for setting up and testing microphone and intercom systems within the studio. Assists Audio Technician as needed

Titler/CG Operator

  • Prepares titles and graphic effects for each broadcast. Selects and displays titles and graphic effects as needed during a broadcast.

Multimedia Card Source Operator

  • Responsible for playing pre-produced video segments during a broadcast. Records each master broadcast.

Teleprompter Operator

  • Creates special teleprompter scripts and operates the teleprompter system to display the scripts/text for each talent in the broadcast.

Camera Operator

  • Operates one or more of the TV studio cameras used for a broadcast.


  • Talent that delivers stories on-air during broadcast. Reads script from the teleprompter system.

Knowledge Acquired

  • Learn to operate software and equipment for each rotation position.
  • Recognize TV studio techniques for speaking, shooting, audio levels and lighting.
  • Understand proper timing and pacing in a live broadcast.
  • Describe and demonstrate continuity.
  • Learn to give and follow directions during broadcast.
  • Understand importance of coordination and cooperation skills among crew.


  • Operate software and equipment in each position of broadcast.
  • Read script from teleprompter during newscast.
  • Demonstrate skill of timing by following direction on cue.
  • Cooperate with studio crew in putting together newscast.


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