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Streaming Broadcast Station

Broadcast to Classrooms, School or
Community via Streaming Broadcast Station

  • Morning Announcements
  • School weather closings
  • News
  • Sports
  • 24/7 Bulletins
  • Live Garage Sales
  • Much more

    What is It?Streaming Broadcast Station

    A self-contained system, the Streaming Broadcast Station (SBS) has all the equipment, curriculum, template graphics, videos and music your students need to broadcast events to the community, using text, graphics and videos.

    How Does It Work?

    A link to a local cable station allows students to operate the equipment right from their own "TV Station" at school. They prepare for "on the air" jobs as they produce sports events, school news, homework poastings, class bulletin boards, video yearbooks and remote emergency messages such as school closing. Broadcasts can also go to each classroom.

    Weather Forecasts

    Live weather forecasts are possible with special electronics instruments that gauge temperature, wind speed and direction, wind chill and rainfall. Current weather "crawls" across top or bottom regions of the screen.

    The "Hook"

    The "hook" is that students run the operation. What a powerful PR tool for your school! The community has a front row seat to your student's broadcasts.

    Outcomes and Objectives -- (Learn about Streaming Broadcast Station Outcomes & Objectives)

    Streaming Broadcast StationBroadcast Projects Include:

    News, Sports, Debate Tournaments, School Plays, Club Meetings, Video Yearbooks, School Orientation, PTO Events, Family Tree, Weather, Student Interviews, School Board Meetings, Announcements, Lunch Menus, Role Play, Conflict Resolution, Business Participation, Community Activities and many more!

    Streaming Broadcast Station Packages
    (Click on Packages listed below to view contents)
    • Package 1 (For schools who have video production equipment)
    • Package 2 (This system has all the bells and whistles)
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