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Teacher Online Training

Online Training for Video/Multimedia Instructors

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Would you like to know how to . . .
  • Teach a video class day by day with materials?
  • Teach students to produce school, classroom and community projects?
  • Teach students to produce corporate videos to create income for your class?
Teach Multimedia training can Provide these benefits and more!

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Material Covered in Online Training --

  • Budgeting, Planning, Management, Equipment/Software Operation, Curriculum, Grading & Student Projects
  • "How to Teach & Implement Video/Multimedia in Classroom, School, and Community"
  • Teaching Basics
  • Multimedia teaching techniques
  • Assessing current space and equipment
  • How to Use the Teacher’s Guide
  • How to teach using the TM system, including Classroom Management System (CMS), Curriculum delivery, Assignments, Quizzes, Grading and other items. (View CMS Help Video)
  • Elements of production: Lighting, Audio, Camera operation, Time Code, the Interview and News Story Breakdown.
  • Producing Student Project, including a classroom and school orientation video
Online access to all materials is provided should you miss a session.

Additional Topics Covered:

  • Sample student curriculum step-by-step, testing, outcomes and objectives will be shown
  • Implementing a video/career multimedia program to prepare students for real world jobs
  • Student Projects for classroom, school and community
  • Production continuity for quality student projects
  • Producing a school orientation for new students.
  • Using time code
  • Setting up a TV studio and career center for different budgets (size, room, equipment & software)
  • Keeping students on task
  • Editing and production software selection
  • Teacher's notebook
  • Classroom forms
  • Questions and Answers


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School Fund Raiser

Teach Multimedia periodically offers products to schools for purposes of fund raising to help with the school Multimedia Program. Get more information to see what product(s) are currently available and sign up for a fund raising campaign.


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