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Junior Green Screen Multimedia/TV Studio Package

Junior Green Screen Multimedia/TV Studio Package $9,995
Includes everything a class needs to produce projects & programs

Beginners Package: Junior Green Screen Multimedia/TV Studio Package (Grades 3 thru 12)

  • $9,995 - Junior Green Screen Multimedia/TV Studio Package
      Item #tvsp0503165

      Equipment includes:
    • 1 - Morning Announcements Curriculum and Other Projects Available
    • 2 - Studio Camera with cables & connectors
    • 1 - Switcher Effects
    • 1 - Chroma Key Curtain/ Green screen
    • 3 - Microphones for Talent
    • 1 - Lighting Package
    • 2 - Camera Tripods
    • 1 - Outcome Based Curriculum
    • 1 - Monitor for TV Studio Crew
    • 2 - Production Music
    • Teacher Training (1 year)
    • 1 - Audio Mixer
    • Classroom Management Software (CMS)
    • Shipping and Installation live online setup (within 45 days of purchase)
    • New Curriculum & Lesson Plans updates
     The following projects are outcomes of this package --
    • Morning Announcements
    • School Orientation
    • Sports Broadcast
    • News Broadcast
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  • remote video transmitting


    Students produce live or recorded TV news broadcasts using green screen effects, morning announcements & other school projects in the studio. They rotate through many positions, proceeding through each mini curriculum before airtime or pre-recording. Pretests, posttests, and grading outcomes are in each curriculum. Pre-produced news stories allow students to enact a live newscast. The curriculum guides students in producing original news stories and Plan, Record & Edit Curriculum after templates are completed.


    Depending on class size, students can rotate positions to learn each skill.