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Video Editing Studio with Classroom Curriculum
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We Offer 3 Turnkey Products and Services That Help You Teach Video/Multimedia

Teach the Teacher

Teachers' in-Service provides multiple training resources, methods, and techniques for the multimedia classroom.

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Multimedia Curriculum

Customized to teach the operation of lab equipment and software as students learn to produce video projects.

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School TV Studio

TV Studion packages replace actual TV stations, allowing students to learn all aspects of production and broadcasting.

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Teach Multimedia - Resources for Teach In-Service & Video Production Curriculum

Learn To Teach Video Editing & Production

  • Teach a video class day by day with materials/curriculum?
  • Teach students to produce school, classroom and community projects?
  • Teach students to produce corporate videos to create income for your class?

Teach Multimedia training can Provide these benefits and more!

Check out our online training for multimedia/video teachers in service:

Classroom Structure Must Include:

  • Curriculum
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes
  • Testing
  • Templates
  • Techniques
  • Resources
  • Classroom, School & Community Student Video Projects

The traditional way of teaching video - camera follow action - has undergone a major change in the classroom. The emphasis toward shooting video for news stories at a local TV station has shifted toward multimedia production in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

Preparing students for real world jobs or how to select media equipment means that teachers must know what corporations and individuals starting their own business in various industries need in terms of video projects. These include training videos, product sales presentations, employee orientation, product demonstration, video catalogs and setup videos to name a few.

In the pages of this book, you will get an overview of what is needed in your classroom and how to convey knowledge to your students that will prepare them for a real job world in multimedia production.

Learning is in three stages: Let me understand it, let me experience it and then I can communicate it to my viewers. That's what I call application -- not playing with equipment.

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